Department of Labor

Administrative Review Board

Details of the purpose and function of the board are explained.

America's Jobbank

Offers an array of employment opportunities in the country.

Bureau of International Labor Affairs

Provides overview of the bureau and the Executive Order that supports its establishment with news updates.

Bureau of Labor Statistics

Features labor related statistical information.

Bureau of Labor Statistics, Consumer Price Indexes

Data related to consumer price index are provided. With overview of the program.


Gain access to information about formal hearings and appeals at the department.

Employee Benefits Security Administration

Explains the nature of the administration and its services with access to online request for forms.

Employment and Training Administration

Contains overview of the youth services of the administration with news updates.

Employment and Training Administration, Office of National Response

Provides information about the national emergency grants and the application process with trade adjustment resources.

Employment Standards Administration Wage and Hour Division, Family and Medical Leave Act

Contains information about the laws and regulations under the act, facts sheets, forms, and contact details.

Mine Safety and Health Administration

Presents details of the MINER Act with information on the activities.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration

Gives out information on the initiatives of the administration that assures the safety and health of America's workers. Includes details of workplace standards.

Office of Compliance Assistance Policy, Employment Law Guide

Offers downloadable files of the laws under the department.

Office of Disability Employment Policy

Explains the initiatives being done by the office for good policies that cater disabled employees.

Office of Inspector General

Gives out overview of the office with updates on some events.

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Administration and Management

Overview of the office concerned in administrative management of labor units is presented.

Office of the Assistant Secretary for Policy

Highlights information about the programs and initiatives of the office.

Office of the Chief Financial Officer

Profile and works of the officer are discussed along with information on the officer's initiatives.

Office of the Solicitor

Presents overview of the office and the works under it.

OSHA, Standard Industrial Classification System Search

Search the database of the 1987 version of SIC manual.

Summary of the Major Laws of the Department of Labor

Provides summary of the major laws of the department.

Women's Bureau

Provides information about the initiatives of the bureau with quick facts on women issues.

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