Government: Elections: Presidential

CBS News: Election 2012

CBS offers a special spot to track all the latest happenings associated with the 2012 congressional and presidential races.

Commission on Presidential Debates

Sponsors and produces US presidential and vice presidential debates. Also offers transcripts for past and present debates.

Duke University Special Collections Library: America Votes

Presents an exhibit of US presidential campaign memorabilia which includes letters, buttons, sheet music, leaflets and bumper stickers.

Evangelicals for Mitt

Promotes Mitt Romney as the correct choice for conservative values, morals, and economic experience.

Gary Johnson for President 2012

Libertarian candidate promotes rebuilding America, ending wars, and abolishing the IRS in his campaign for president. govgaryjohnson

Mitt Romney for President 2012

Candidate provides his background and biography, plus information on his VP running mate Paul Ryan. MittRomney

NARA U.S. Electoral College

View historical election results especially for presidential positions with election FAQs.

Obama/Volt 2012

Promoting the Chevy Volt as the running mate in this years presidential election.

Randall Terry for President 2012

TV host, author, activist, lecturer and pro-life leader campaigns to be the Democrats choice in the upcoming presidential race.

Roseanne Barr for President 2012

Representing the Peace and Freedom party for 2012 along with Cindy Sheehan as her VP choice. Learn about her views and proposed policies. roseanne_2012

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