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2016 Election

Source for information on both Democrats and Republicans run in 2016. Get news and read forums.

Ben Carson for President 2016

Dr. Ben Carson offers his life story of hardships and becoming a neurosurgeon, how to make American great, and his view on the issues at hand. realbencarson

Bernie Sanders 2016

Stand with Bernie campaign, from the U.S. Senator from Vermont. The self-avowed socialist sees a different view on how to proceed with a new political revolution and presidency. BernieSanders

Bobby Jindal for President

Louisiana's Governor Jindal sites his reduction of government and other improvements as reason to become president. His strong list of accomplishments, policy plans, and biography are offered. bobbyjindal

Carly Fiorina for President 2016

Discusses the leadership qualities of the ex-HP CEO, why she is running and what she brings to the table. carlyfiorina

CBS News: Election 2012

CBS offers a special spot to track all the latest happenings associated with the 2012 congressional and presidential races.

New Christie 2016

Governor of New Jersey Chris Christie "tells it like it is" in his campaign to for the White House. Tough talker on immigration, entitlement reform, education, and foreign policy. chrischristie

Commission on Presidential Debates

Sponsors and produces US presidential and vice presidential debates. Also offers transcripts for past and present debates.

Donald J. Trump for President

Highlights of his "Make America Great Again" campaign for his 2016 run for president. Find his prospective, blog, and videos. realdonaldtrump

Duke University Special Collections Library: America Votes

Presents an exhibit of US presidential campaign memorabilia which includes letters, buttons, sheet music, leaflets and bumper stickers.

Evangelicals for Mitt

Promotes Mitt Romney as the correct choice for conservative values, morals, and economic experience.

Gary Johnson for President 2012

Libertarian candidate promotes rebuilding America, ending wars, and abolishing the IRS in his campaign for president. govgaryjohnson

George Pataki for President 2016

Not done with politics the former New York State Governor states he can bring conservative policies to the White House and make a difference. governorpataki

Jeb Bush 2016

Jeb makes his case for his 2016 candidacy by highlighting his role as Governor of Florida, involvement in the Hispanic community, support for Common Core. JebBush

New Jim Webb 2016

Former combat Marine, Secretary of the Navy and Senator from Virginia offers his platform of reform for his run to be president in 2016. JimWebbUSA

John Kaisch for America

Ohio's Governor Kaish highlights his states balanced budget, and security experience for his run to be president in 2016. Find a biography and photos. johnkasich

New Lincoln Chafee Presidential Campaign 2016

Having served as mayor, governor, and United States Senator of Rhode Island Lincoln now looks to bring that experience to become president in 2016. lincolnchafee

Marco Rubio for President

Florida Senator touts his Cuban heritage and hardships as he campaigns towards 2016. Bringing ideas on immigration, budget, and National Security to the forefront. MarcoRubio

Martin O'Malley for President

Former Governor O'Malley offers his 15 goals to "Rebuild the American Dream". Read his vision and biography. martinomalley

Mike Huckabee for President

Former Governor of Arkansas and Fox TV Host takes a hard stance on issue as he runs for 2016. No to Iran, yes to Israel, balance the budget and National Security take a priorty in his campaign. govmikehuckabee

Mitt Romney for President 2012

Candidate provides his background and biography, plus information on his VP running mate Paul Ryan. MittRomney

NARA U.S. Electoral College

View historical election results especially for presidential positions with election FAQs.

Obama/Volt 2012

Promoting the Chevy Volt as the running mate in this years presidential election.

New Perry for President

Former Governor of Texas with tested leadership skills and proven results highlights his reasons for running in 2016. governorperry

New Rick Santorum for President

Senator and conservative running for 2016 with ideas to change and better the economy, fight radical Islam, and immigration reform. ricksantorum_twitter

Scott Walker for America

Governor of Wisconson makes his case for running in 2016. His approach is reformation, growth and safety. View his bio and news. ScottWalker

Ted Cruz 2016

Time for truth campaign of presidential candidate who plans to re-ignight the promise of America. Read about his record, policies, and plans. tedcruz

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