Islands Cayos Cochinos

Cayos Cochinos

References for the island's location with statistical data on its geography. Includes details on diving in the area.

Cayos Cochinos Tips

Showcases the island's diverse activities including snorkeling, diving and hiking.

Avenue for lease holders and land owners in Cayos Cochinos as a communication network for those owning land properties in the island.

Honduras Coral Reef Fund

Involved in conservation projects and other restoration programs conducted to protect the natural resources of Cayos Cochinos.

Lets Go Honduras

Profiles the country's tourism information and references for the culture and lifestyle in the place.

Plantation Beach Resort

Diving facility with a variety of activities and related services offered. Includes a photo gallery and pricing information.

Roatan Dive Travel Vacations

Provides pricing information that includes profile of the resort and packages available.

USGS Evaluates and Establishes Monitoring Station at Cayos Cochinos, Honduras

Discusses the author's experience in conducting a trip to the island. Provides links to relevant information.

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