Society and Culture History

China 10k

Offers a brief history of the various dynasties including a look at prehistoric times in relation to the birth of China.

China 30 BC - 1453 AD

Provides a historical overview of the period and contains links to educational resources.

China Timeline

Contains profiles of the country's leaders and provides historical insights into the different cultural periods of the locality.

Chinese Communism

Discusses the leadership and support of the revolutionary period.

Chinese Foot Binding

Explores on the historical insights and cultural impact of the local practice.

CNN - Visions of China

Discusses the historical highlights and cultural impact of the Communist rule.

Discovering China

Explores cultural development during the communism revolution.

Exploring Chinese History

Reports on the historical insights, cultural developments and economic highlights of the country.

History of China

Offers an overview of the history of China from the dawn of history through to the reforms of the 1980s.

Manchu Dynasty

Contains event highlights, leadership insights, and cultural profile of the political family.

The Second Historical Archives of China

Offers an introduction to the archives including details of holdings, services, exhibitions, academic research and collections.

Ten Laments

Presents an article of a 13th-Century professor about the student's misbehavior.

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