Bhutan Government

Anti Corruption Commission of Bhutan

Explains the role of the commission with details of legislation, news and resources.

Bhutan Electricity Authority

Autonomous agency provides details of functions, services and structure.

Bhutan Info Comm and Media Authority

News and information on the authority including an organizational structure.

Construction Development Board

Information on the role of the board including details of registration, arbitration, news, events and contacts plus a list of contractors, architects and consultants.

Ministry of Agriculture

Provides an overview of activities including a news archives plus information on statistics, rates, standards and legislation.

Ministry of Education

Education news, information and resources including details of training and scholarships, guidelines and instructions, downloads and news.

Ministry of Finance

Explains the role of the ministry and provides news, information and downloads.

Ministry of Health

Offers an overview of the ministry with details of departments and agencies, the health system, health statistics, news and media.

National Environment Commission

Describes the role of the commission including information on legislation, environmental issues, publications, downloads, announcements and contacts.

Royal Audit Authority

Explains the role of the authority and provides information on audit plans, reports, papers and archives plus FAQs and a photo gallery.

Royal Court of Justice

Information on the judiciary of Bhutan including court procedures, acts and rules, cases and judgments.

Royal Monetary Authority of Bhutan

Explains the role of the authority with news, information and resources including information on rules and regulations, rates and careers.

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