Science and Environment: Wildlife


Details operations of the volunteers in the country that carry out wildlife conservation and community development projects. With pictures and FAQs.

Cango Wildlife Ranch

Breeding site for endangered species such as cheetahs and other wildlife animals. Provides details on scheduled tours and trip planning, as well as a list of captive species.

Centre for Animal Rehabilitation and Education

Wildlife rehabilitation facility dedicated to the care, welfare, rehabilitation and protection of inured and orphaned animals provides details of achievements, success stories, volunteering, donations, news and contacts.

Daktari Wildlife Orphanage

Non-profit institution that uses orphaned animals for educational purposes. Introduces proper care of animals and of the environment.

Endangered Wildlife Trust

Provides the history of the trust with information on working groups, partnerships, memberships, news, events and publications plus a list of species under threat in Southern Africa.

Game Capture School

Educational institution that provides theoretical and actual lessons for conservation and protection of wildlife. With information about the courses offered and venues.

Lion Research Centre - South Africa

Provides information on lion research projects and activities including the reintroduction of lions into South African parks.

Louis Fourie Game Capture

Facilitates capturing, relocating and selling of various herbivores and wild species in the country and to its neighboring nations. Includes details on services and auctions.

Lowenfrau: King of Beasts

Author explores on facts, mythological stories, and pictures about the African lion.

Mokaikai Private Nature Reserve

Game lodge center that caters to the necessities of tourists such as species viewing and trail walking. Includes insights about the game rangers course.

San Wild

Sanctuary of harmed and orphaned wildlife species. Includes camping information, history, and details on volunteering opportunities.

South African Foundation for the Conservation of Coastal Birds

Aims to conserve and protect the existence of the marine species in the country through rehabilitation programs and collaboration of researches about coastal birds.

Southern African Wildlife College

Education and training institution that offers short, diploma, certificate, and safari guide courses.

Space For Elephants

Offers details of initiatives, projects, alternative tourism, news, gallery, donations and contacts.

Thaba Manzi Wildlife Services

Contributes support for the conservation of the wildlife environment through scientific practices of capturing, transporting, and exporting animals.

Wild Game and Jug Hunt

Monthly magazine that showcases Africa's wildlife, game ranches, and hunting industry. Includes online subscription.

Wildlife Translocation Services

Conducts services for capturing animals in the African wilderness. With details on the process and materials utilized.


Contains a list of online courses offered for field guiding, wildlife management, animal behavior, wildlife photography, and other interests.

Highlights courses on conservation medicine, chemical immobilization, and other clinical work on wildlife and disease investigation and control.

WWF South Africa

Advocates programs for the conservation of the natural environment of the country through financing, networking, and developmental studies.

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