Libya Guides and Directories

A Country Study - Libya

Features a country profile provided by the US Library of Congress including information on geography, society, the economy, transportatin, telecommunications, government, politics and national security.

African Studies Center – Libya Page

Enumerates various online resources pertinent to the country and provides brief descriptions for each.

Afrol News

Information and resource index for various topics related to Libya and ranging from media and government to women and gender.


Offers resources with enclosed descriptions regarding various aspects of the North African country such as its politics, history and economy.

Arab Net – Libya

Recounts the history and background profile of the country from its days of early colonization to its different holidays and festivals.

BBC News - Libya

Contains brief overview of the country’s profile, statistical data related to sectors like population and life expectancy as well as brief description of the nation’s head of state.

CIA - The World Factbook: Libya

Presents the map and comprehensive profile of the country that has one of the highest GDP due to its petroleum wealth.

Columbia University Libraries – Middle East and Jewish Studies

Offers various resource links pertaining to the country predominantly inhabited by people practicing the Islamic religion.

The Country and People of Libya

Detailed introduction to the Socialist People’s Libyan Arab Jamahirya and resources relevant to the country’s business and economy as well as other sectors.

Country Studies – Libya

Information archive from the US Library of Congress containing extensive resources regarding the country and its background and history.

The Index on Africa

Provides numerous listings of related information and resources pertinent to Libya and its various sectors like development and aid, economy and finance as well as politics and government.

Libya Links

Contains numerous listings, guides and resources relating to the country. Also grouped into different categories with included descriptions of each.

Libya Online

Supplies useful information and resources relevant to the country’s business, tourism and other areas of interest such as music, culture and sports.

Libya Yellow Pages

Displays different categories for the compilation of listings provided by the directory for topics relating to Libya. Categories include arts, education and health.

Nation Master – Libya

Compiles statistical data, fact sheets and figures regarding aspects of the country such as age distribution, democracy and transportation.

Portals to the World – Libya

Enumerates different sectors for the resources and information provided by the world renowned learning institution, which range from business and economy to search engines and society.

UK Foreign Office – Countries and Regions

Provides the country profile of Libya and includes summaries of its history, politics and government and economy. Answers to FAQ are also supplied.

US-Africa: Libya

Previews background information about the Internet portal and presents the country files for the different nations found in Africa.

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