Current Time

Clock Genius

Configure a time format and zone and get a list of time details in different world regions.


Presents the current time for any major city along with related blogs and Flickr images.

Industorious Clock

Current time is displayed by a hand drawing the numbers.

Local Time around the World

Guide to world time lists time data from around the world. Does not include information on daylight saving time.

Official U.S. Time

Government website providing a clickable map of the United States displaying the official current time.

Online Alarm Clock

Free Internet alarm clock with varying display sizes and colors.

People Park

Search for time details by world region. Go over the local newspapers presented as well.

Time Genie

Find the current time and date in thousands of cities worldwide. Features a time zone converter and UTC list. Available in numerous languages.

Time Hall

Current local time in major cities and a personal world clock builder for creating custom lists from thousands of places in the database.

Time Is

Displays the current atomic time and compares it to the user's local computer time. Also displays the time in a variety of locations, as well as allows users to compare the time between two or more cities.

The Time Now

Time teller synchronized with the US network of cesium clocks.

Time Ticker

Flash based world map providing the precise current time around the world.

Time Zone Converter

Serves as a guide for international travel, meetings, and more. Provides answers to queries on time different world locations.

Time Zone Tools and Information

Shows the current time in all parts of the world.

What Time Is It

Provides the current time for all time zones.

World Buddy

Get to know the current time in different world locations, including daylight time information/.

World Clock: Time Zones

Provides a list of current times.

World Map Clock

Serves as a guide for computing time information in different localities.

World Time Engine

Provides pinpoint live local time for any place or geographic coordinates in the world.

World Time Server

Provides official current time for countries around the world.

World Time Zone

Search utility for getting time information in various parts of the world. With a time map.

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