Mind Mapping

AWS Training and Consulting

Features a range of consulting services and workshops that aim to increase manpower productivity in the workplace.

Concept Draw

Maintains a gallery of cross-platform tools for simple making of diagrams, flowcharts, and project plans.


Diagramming and collaboration tool simplifies the task of making mind maps, flowcharts, wireframes, UML, and other graphical information representations.


Free online diagram creation and sharing application. Features a wide range of drawing tools, shapes, and text tools.


Brainstorming tool that is interactive and helps to solve problems.

Graphic Organizers

Offers a pictoral way of organizing information and thoughts for comprehension, memory, and documentation purposes.

Mind Graph

Presents a graphic technique for Math, computer programming, studying, note taking, and knowledge representation problem solving.

Mind Systems

Resource for advanced mind mapping, mind management, and visual thinking. With applications for different operating software platforms.


Online mind mapping tool allowing users to create highly customizable and colorful diagrams, organization charts, and flowcharts. Features a drag-and-drop interface and supports finished mind maps exporting.


Site offers products and solutions to help improve business productivity through team collaboration and information visualization.

Model Xtractor

Online class diagram editor. Features preloaded metadata and the ability to visualize diagrams with contextual documentation.


Free-form web-based mind mapping and brainstorming tool. Supports the adding of text files, images, geographical locations, and calendar entries. Also enables sharing and collaboration.


Mind mapping and brainstorming tool that integrates to-do list, sharing, and collaboration features.

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