Home Schooling Curriculum

A2 Homeschooling Curriculum

Offers a homeschool curriculum that covers kindergarten to grade 12. With articles, reviews, and programs for speed reading and phonics.

Advanced Training Institute International

Presents scripture-based home education programs which provide curriculum and training to support parents who are home schooling. Also includes company history, statement of faith, and testimonies.

Alpha Omega Publications

Provides information and online purchase opportunity for curricula including Switched-On Schoolhouse, LIFEPAC, Horizons, The Weaver Curriculum, and Power-Glide. Also contains a free homeschool catalog.

American Academy National Home School

Features an academic institution that caters to the needs of home schooling families. Information about the curriculum and learning styles are presented.

Best Home School Books

Search for a choice homeschool publication or resource by author title, title, description, or item number.

By Way of the Family

Features online shopping for curricula including character building, English programs, penmanship, philosophy, and mathematics, as well as the address of its physical location.

Christopherus Homeschool Resources

Presents a Waldorf inspired curriculum for home schooling.

Class Homeschools

Site of the Christian Liberty Academy School System, a company that offers religious education and academic excellence.

Classical Academic Press

Curriculum that creatively teaches classical subjects such as Latin and Logic.

Classical Home Education

Wide selection of resources for classical education for families, schools, and educators.

The Classical Scholar

Offers information on how to create a home-school curriculum.

Connect the Thoughts

Features a homeschool curriculum for ages 9-adult covering world history, creative writing, sciences and the arts. Includes study guides for lower and upper school, FAQ and parent comments.

Covenant Home

Introduces a selection of methodologies, curriculum, and teaching aids for home schooling.

DeKa Press

Selection of books and curricula for home and Christian schools. Ordering details and book overviews presented.

Enki Education

Offers classroom and homeschool programs that are described as holistic, arts integrated, and multicultural in approach.

Hands and Hearts

Contains home schooling materials for the Charlotte Mason, classical, and notebooking homeschool styles.

Hands On Homeschooling

Provides home schooling curriculums for toddlers and preschoolers. Lesson overviews and samples and ordering information presented.

Heritage Home School Academy

Presents accredited, easy to use, and affordable homeschool resources and curriculum.

Home Educators Resource

One stop shop for home school needs. Check out the online catalog for detailed presentations of the offered resources.

Home Learning

Offers home learning courses in the fields of social care, accounting, business and marketing with tutor support provided.

Home School Learning Network

Course materials including American history, arts, biographies, geography, language arts, life sciences, literature, and physical sciences.

Homeschool Curriculum for Life

Presenting reviews and opinion on a variety of different homeschool curriculum options.

HomeSchool Edge

Contains homeschooling information and resources that allow for curriculum planning and convenient features.


Offering new and used curriculum. Also groups, events, bulk food suppliers, and business ads.

Homeschooler's Curriculum Swap

Providing forums, items wanted, items for sale, and the Laura Smither memorial quilt.

Homeschoolers of America

Offering tips on homemade curriculum and discussion about home education. Also find information about why umbrella schools work for some people.

HS Treasures

Gallery of rare, vintage, new reproductions, and free items for homeschool educators.


Curriculum that teaches young learners on engaging with thinking at social, political, and moral perspectives.


Features an award-winning curriculum that allows for homeschooling, entry into a virtual academy, and distance learning education.

The LAMB Company

Offers customizable curricula that can be designed to suit the academic needs of students studying at their homes.

Local HS

Search tool for finding local homeschool support groups. Lists of support groups also presented by geographical location.

Moving Beyond the Page

Comprehensive research-based homeschool program by Epiphany Curriculum. Aims to provide the latest in gifted education strategies.

My Father's World

Curriculum for homeschooling or Christian schools combining the best of Charlotte Mason, classical education, and unit studies with a Biblical worldview. http://www.linkedin.com/company/my-father%27s-world


Provides Christian character curriculum and materials including books and related publications.

Robinson Curriculum

K-12 home school curriculum developed by a scientist and his six children.

Sing 'N Learn

Presents home schooling resources in the field of music. Also provides resources related to auditory learning.

Sonlight Curriculum

Get literature-rich home schooling materials, books, or complete curriculum packages.

Trivium Pursuit Online

Get homeschool resources that apply to Christian Classical Education. Go over the featured articles as well.

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