Vocabulary List Dictionaries

Dave's Choice Words

Features free vocabulary building exercises from David Fisco.

English Words from Chinese

List of Chinese words that have been adopted for use in the English vocabulary. Respective meanings also presented.

Grandiloquent Dictionary

Collection of obscure and rarely used English words.

Heenan's Universal Dictionary

Alternative dictionary presents the not-so-known meanings of some words.

International House of Logorrhea

Free online dictionary of peculiar and weird meaning words. With links to dictionary websites of the similar theme.

Luciferous Logolepsy

Resource that has over 9,000 obscure words and their definitions.

The Phrontistery

Compiles word lists on a variety of topics along with a host of language resources.

Professor Word

Gives help for learning SAT/ACT words for students or those wishing to improve their vocabulary. http://www.facebook.com/ProfessorWord ProfessorWord


Lightning fast way to memorize vocabulary lists which is similar to flashcards, but interactive and fun.

Scrabble Word Lists

Find lots of useful word lists for Scrabble, Literati, Scrabble Zing, Upwords, Boggle or any other word game.


Study Room makes it easy to build Vocabulary for SAT, GRE and ACT words. Contains videos, word list and mobile apps.


Build a better vocabulary in order to prepare for SAT tests or to develop better English skills.

Vocabulary Mail

Free mailing list of daily word features. Sends one to three words to subscribers' inboxes along with definitions, explanations, and information on usage.


Resource for a variety of dictionaries and vocabulary resources. With links to books, libraries, and word games.


Offers a method to expand vocabulary using digital flashcards. Includes FAQ and free registration.

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