Etymology Dictionaries

American Dialect Society

Get updates on the activities of this scholarly association dedicated to the study of the English language.

Clich├ęs and Expression Origins

Comprehensive presentation on the history of English language's words, expressions, and truisms.


Online word game consisting of quizzes and puzzles. Incorporates word history facts and ideas.

Etymologically Speaking

List of information on word origins encompassing the English, French, and German languages.

Masculine & Feminine Names

Features a dictionary of names with meanings, origins, usages, variant forms, famous bearers, and more.


Board game presents questions on etymology, semantics, and grammar.

Etymology dictionary covering multiple languages, mostly European. Presents the relationship of certain words to other words in the same or in another language.


Provides the meanings and origins of names.

Online Etymology Dictionary

Searchable resource for information on what and how today's words meant and sounded in the past.


Lays out a chart of Latin, Greek, and root words that make up most of the words in the English vocabulary.


Richard Lederer, a linguistic author, presents his various works that explore etymology and terminology usage this website.

Word Explorations

Program for Latin-Greek cross references. Aims to facilitate the development of vocabulary skills and word studies.

Word Focus

Library of information on words derived from the Latin and Greek languages. With a directory of word resources.

Word Origins

Explore the history and emergence of several words in today's language. Learn about the proper usage as well.

Word Quests for Word Seekers

Web-based resource for information on English words derived from Latin and Greek.

Word Sources

Peruse through this dictionary of English words listed in thematic units.

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