Science Bibliographies

Bright Sparcs

Searchable bibliography of the history of Australian science and technology.

CSAC Anthropology Bibliography

Online bibliography publication service of the Centre for Social Anthropology and Computing at the University of Kent - Canterbury.

National Longitudinal Surveys Annotated Bibliography

Features details of the project, an ongoing effort to provide the public with current searchable records based on the research data of the National Longitudinal Surveys.

Natural History Bibliographies

Large compilation of assorted natural history educational resource listings - from flora to fauna.

Scientific Visualization Bibliography

Search for full research references on advanced science imaging and related visualization projects.

The Shrew Bibliography

Offers thousands of references to research on the biology of the Soricidae and small mammal ecology.

Toxic Substances Hydrology Program Bibliography

Index of resources associated with the US Geological Survey's Toxic Substances Hydrology Program. Includes listings of online publications, student dissertations, and articles in peer-reviewed journals.


Check out this comprehensive and global coverage of the scientific literature about wolves for the years 1968 through 1987.

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