Travel Magazines

Adventure Guide

Serves as resource page to gain insights about outdoors adventure travel.

Alaska Travel Magazine

Compiles videos and articles about bush flying along with Alaska trivia games.

American Roads

Features online magazine, which gives an overview of various highways located in the region.

American Way

Provides monthly edition of the magazine, with background details of the cover model. Also includes information on contents.

Austin Traveler Magazine

Presents a publication that contains stories about international scenes, including cultures and activities.

Australian Gourmet Traveller

Australian magazine offering information on restaurants, reviews, forums, recipes, wine and drinks.

Australian Traveller

Features a magazine that involves in writings, covering the adventures and events of the region. Also includes pricing information per copy.

Backpacker Ireland and UK

Contains information about the magazine, including articles on various topics. Also provides list of pricing details of different travel destinations.

The British Isles Show

Presents a travel guide designed for anybody who wishes to travel to United Kingdom.

Canadian World Traveller

Features various destinations designed for Canadian travelers.

CNN Traveler

Online edition of the print publication offers online articles, subscription information, and an archive of past issues.

Conde Nast Traveller

Offers a large selection of destination guides, magazine information, and travel advice and resources.

Cruise News

Presents updates with regards to various types of cruises.

Cruise Travel Magazine

Magazine dedicated to cruise travel provides information on cruises, ports of call, itineraries, vessels and destinations.

Culture Briefings

Provides insights regarding the beliefs and traditions of people in foreign countries.

Destination Elsewhere

Focuses on sharing travel experiences from various countries throughout the globe.

Strives to provide insights about eventual holiday destinations.


Features a travel lifestyle magazine that covers various summer destinations.

Eats & Retreats

Modern e-zine providing travel articles, photo galleries, and a portfolio of holiday villas and apartments worldwide.


Travel magazine offering features on exotic travel and off the beaten path destinations.

The Expeditioner

Highlights a travel magazine that contains various stories capturing the spirit of a true traveler.

Family Adventure Magazine

Serves as resource page for families who wish to experience a travel adventure.

feBusiness Traveller

Seeks to provide insights on various travel options.

Fine Travel

Features articles on luxury traveling - offering information on resorts, cruises, charters, special hotels and fine restaurants worldwide.

First Cruise Tips

Contains cruise tips designed for the first-timers.

Fishing International

Presents sport fishing travel and provides list of destinations like Alaska, Argentina, Australia and Bahamas. Also includes related links.

Get Abroad

Provides insights regarding accommodation and adventure tours along with destination advices.

Go Nomad

International electronic travel magazine featuring comprehensive articles and information on people and places across the globe.

Go World Travel

Online travel magazine presenting an international coverage of travel and leisure destinations.

Good Holiday

Compiles articles written by various travel journalists worldwide.

Greatest Escapes

Features travel articles and reviews written by Victoria Brooks.

Group Leisure

Displays news and holiday deals designed for travel organizers.

Serves as resource page for professional group tour planners.

The Heart of New England

Presents an e-magazine that features the rural town of New England.

Hidden Europe

Seeks to explore the cultural diversity of modern Europe.

High On Adventure

Presents an e-magazine designed for the adventurous travelers.

Home and Away Magazine

Aims to provide insights regarding vacation gems and weekend getaways.

India Travel Times

Serves as guide for any travelers who wish to visit India.

The Inquisitive Traveler

Compiles various articles that delves into different cities, cultures, and countrysides.

Inside Out Travel

Displays an e-magazine designed for independent travelers.

The Irish Letter

Presents a newsletter that covers details on scenery, music, and pubs across Ireland.

Italy With Us

Features articles designed for readers who love all things related to Italy.


Provides insights on various destinations for up-to-date travel.

Jetsetters Magazine

Compiles travel articles that entails on various international destinations.


Serves as resource page for families who are planning to go travel and adventure.

Las Vegas Travel Magazine

Provides news and articles about the city of Las Vegas.

Lodging Magazine

Magazine site for hospitality industry insiders. Features news headlines, articles, and subscription information.

Lonely Planet

Displays the company's history and details on how to make a guidebook for travel. lonelyplanet

Lorry Patton's Travel Tips 'n' Tales

Serves as resource page for consumer and trade. Comes with various travel stories.

Presents an e-magazine designed for lovers who are planning a romantic getaway.

Luxury Travel

Information on luxury travel destinations, resorts, and restaurants around the world for high-end travelers.

Magic Carpet Journals

Features a travel magazine that contains photos for readers to gain ideas on various exotic destinations.

Displays hotel and restaurant listings, maps, and various tourist destinations.

MBendi Travel

Provides details on accommodation, event venues, tourism companies, and organizations.

Mexican Pacific

Serves as travel guide for anyone who wish to visit Los Cabos, Costalegre, amd Manzanillo.

Monk Magazine

Compiles travel interview of people from various quintessential places.

Mysterious World

Contains information on various exotic travel destinations worldwide.

National Geographic Traveler

Official site of the magazine offering articles, photo galleries, subscription information, and travel related resources.

New Hampshire ToDo

Details on various travel destination in New Hampshire.

Northern Ireland Travel News

Features various world destinations along with local travel news and industry updates.

Oregon Coast Beach Connection

Strives to publish travel information that covers on the area between Astoria and Florence.

Oregon for Fun

Focuses on providing industry and destination coverage.


"Unique and honest" insights on traveling, citing the best and worst of the world's tourist destinations.


Serves as a travel portal for tracking details about flight reservation system and car rentals.

Parisiana - The Lovers Guide to Paris

Presents an e-magazine designed for lovers who wish to visit Paris.

Pathfinders Travel

Providing information and feature articles on the culture of the people in various travel destinations around the world.

Pelican Post

Seeks to provide insights about the Northwest coast.

Photo and Travel Magazine

Compiles newsletters, various travel photos, and list of past issues.

Porthole Cruise Magazine

Displays cruise stories, opinion tips, and insights on adventures from various places.

Prow's Edge

Presents a magazine that provides tips and advises for cruising.

Rainy Day Traveler - Dusseldorf

Contains information with regards to ideal tours to do during rainy days.

Real Travel Adventure

International travel magazine and information resource offering travel tips, book reviews, news, guidebooks and travel photos.

Road and Travel Magazine

Seeks to provide insights in terms of making wise decisions during the trip planning process.

Romantic Traveling Newsletter

Aims to help couples strengthen their relationship through travel.

Contains stories, various photos, and other related information about travel.

Rough Guides

Seeks to provide ideas regarding vacation destinations for global tourist.

Russian Travel Monitor

Compiles list of tourism events and various articles.

The Savvy Cruiser

Serves as guide for cruisers with regards to details about ships and cruise lines.

Sealetter Cruise Magazine

Highlights a publication that covers reviews on cruises, port, and shore excursion.

Ships and Cruises

Provides news for those who are involved in cruising and travel industry.


Presents products including travel flight directory, magazine and reference materials.

The Source

Features a publication that features products and various sceneries in Israel.

Strictly Rocky Mountain

Compiles articles and various photos of sceneries across the Rocky Mountain region.

Taste California Travel

Highlights a publication that covers on travel and tourism across California.

Provides insights in terms of planning for the next vacation. Includes details on temporary accommodation while on travel.

Telluride Visitor Guide

Aims to provide insights about outdoor summer activities and accommodations in Colorado.

Contains articles that entail on social, scientific, and environmental aspects of worldwide destinations.

Transitions Abroad

Serves as resource page to gain insights about living abroad and cultural travel.


Information on world travel destinations for the independent traveler.

Travel & Leisure

Magazine site offering online articles, hotel and restaurant reviews, destination guides, and subscription information.

Travel 50 and Beyond Magazine

Presents a magazine designed for an enriching travel experience among the elderly individuals.

Travel Africa

Presents a publication that entails about the African continent.

Travel Daily News International

Seeks to provide insights regarding daily updates on the international travel trade.

Travel Fox

Compiles various travel news worldwide. Includes list of past issues.

The Travel Insider

Compiles various articles for travelers to gain insights on what to do during vacation.

Travel Outward

Aims to provide writings and photographs from various destinations.

Travel Wise

Serves as resource page to gain insights on world travel and insurance. Includes details on accommodations and special packages.

Travel with a Challenge Magazine

Compiles articles that cover on eco-tourism, cultures, and cruises for mature travelers.


Features restaurants as well as museums, sporting events, and entertainment designed for out-of-towners.

Seeks to aid business travelers and tourists by providing insights about car rentals, hotel reservation, and tour booking.

Travelling Adventurer Magazine

Showcases travel and adventure stories worldwide. Includes links to related sources.


Highlights an international travel magazine that covers on various destinations for family getaways.


Provides various articles relating to transportation designed for those in the travel industry.

Trips and Journeys

Contains travel articles for readers to gain insights on various destinations across United States, Canada, and Mexico.

Untamed Travel

Serves as a comprehensive travel guide to some of the world's most culturally diverse south Asian countries.

Vacations Magazine

Features top vacation destinations, hotels, packages and subscription information.

Vittles Vintages and Voyages

Presents a newsletter that features various travel stories written by professional writers in Southern California.


Official site of the UK based magazien aimed at adventurous travelers. Site offers articles, subscription information, travel tips, and an online store.

Washington International

Compiles news about tourism for the travel industry.

Watertravel and Waterside Destinations

Focuses on providing various travel options by water. Comes with stories from ferry trips. - Travel Magazine

Contains photos, travel stories, and videos from various destinations.

Where Magazine

Serves as a travel guide for those who want to visit San Francisco.

World Hum

Online travel magazine offering dispatches from travelers and a blog provide alternative vacation information and traveler insights.

Worldrover - Summer Edition

Compiles photos and articles from various international destinations.

Yandell Media Group

Presents a cruise magazine that features news and travel reports for the UK groups market.

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