Travel Preparation


Helps users develop packing lists before their trip. Users can also browse packing lists prepared by others to see if they're forgetting something.

Be Ready

Provides travel tips for business travelers in both English and Chinese.

Briefcase to Backpack: Preparation

Collection of articles on travel preparation includes equipment, packing, and recommendations.

Budget Your Trip

Resource which gives visitors a good understanding of what their next vacation is going to cost by showing them the expenses that other users have reported.


Independent, impartial travel guide that helps plan holidays for travelers worldwide.

Clothes Forecast

Provides information about appropriate clothes to pack and wear according to temperature in travel destinations.


Allows users to compare the costs of travelling to specific destinations by car, plane, and train.

Guestbook Archive

Provides a digital archive of hand-written guestbook reviews from lodges and resorts across the world.

Have Baby Will Travel

Serves as a travel planner for vacations with babies and toddlers. Features travel stories, family travel advice, articles, and trip reports.

How Not to be a Tourist

Offers guides on how to act like a local to make the most of travels and avoid being exploited and discriminated against as tourists.

I Travel, You Travel

Community of frequent and enthusiastic travelers all over the world.


Offers hotel reviews, price comparisons across multiple sites, community journals, as well as a trip planning tool.


Allows users to select the dates of their travel, and returns events happening throughout Europe for those time frames. Also allows filtering by country.


Flexible resource which allows users to create travel itineraries and then suggests hotels, transportation, local restaurants, and area activities.


Trip planner for travelers to discover what they’re looking for on vacations worldwide.

NPR Road Trip

Provides driving directions as well as NPR radio stations for any driving trip within the US.

Pack For A Purpose

Details destinations and partner information for people interested to travel for a charitable cause.


Trip planner designed for smartphone usage that makes planning and preparing for a trip quick and easy.


Travel guide with destination maps, geotagged media, and user generated "travel packs" which focus on themes or destinations.

Road Trip Ready

Offers tips for preparing a memorable road trip. rtready


Get information on this powerful route planner for creating great destinations for road trips and vacations. roadtrippers

Allows site visitors to create personalized travel guides.

Tips on travel planning, hotel accommodations, and vacation packages.

Travel Etiquette

Information about local customs and traditions to watch out for when visiting certain countries.

Travel Preparation Checklist

Gives printable checklist of pre-trip tasks, starting ten to thirty days before departure.

Provides unique travel information written by professional writers and fellow travelers. Helps users research vacations, book trips, and find deals.


Online travel calculator for determining flight and driving distances, time difference, flight and drive time, cost of fuel, flight emissions, and latitude-longitude details.


Travel planning guide that works as a brainstorming tool for those who plan to travel together.

Trip Sentry

Trip guide to take while traveling in order to avoid risky places and unpleasant experiences.


Offers maps, travel tips, and vacation ideas for many destinations across the US.


Personal travel assistant creates a travel itinerary specifically based on your flights, cruises and lodging.

Easy to use travel planning and organization website that does not require any registration.


Trip planning made easy. Choose locations and sites to see, then create an itinerary based on those choices.

Whistler Wired

Vacation and property management company organizing all aspects of a holiday.

YouGoWeGo: Destinations

Offers ideas to guide travelers in the vacation planning process.

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