Australian Shepherd

A Field Guide To Coloration of Australian Shepherds

Browse over breed appearance information, general overview and other valuable detail.

The Aussie Connection

Comprehensive online database of breeders and enthusiasts, this includes Aussie breed clubs, rescue services, discussion lists, books, and other related resources.

Australian Shepherd Breed Standard

General overview about the Australian Shepherd breed, plus other special link features.

Australian Shepherd Health & Genetics Institute, Inc.

Educates Australian Shepherd fanciers about genetic issues inherent in the breed. Also explains new research in genetics.

Australian Shepherd Pedigree Search

Resource site about Australian Shepherds, North American Shepherds, and a few known cross breeds, this includes listings and facts about the following.

The Australian Shepherd Photo Page

Collection of photos About the Australian Shepherd as contributed by members of the Aussie-L mailing list.

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