Humorous Pranks


Flash-based computer prank and practical jokes software for the PC.


Offers collections of tricks, stunts, pranks, scams, and gags for making new friends (or enemies) or simply just having fun.

Document Corrupter

Deliberate method for corrupting Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents for whatever intent — annoying somebody or just having an excuse to buy time for an unfinished report due for submission.

Free IQ Test

Quick IQ Test that can be taken free of charge - but yields no reliable results.

Free Practical Jokes

Collection of practical jokes complete with instructions.

Funny Email Network

Presents unique, interesting, and hillarious websites about sending funny or prank email.

Funny Practical Jokes

Resource for trick, deception, prank or gag ideas applicable in workplaces or elsewhere.

Humor Hotlines

Offers a large variety of phone numbers to call or give out, on many different subjects, from relationships to body odor problems to the Easter Bunny.


Interactive prank system that allows users to send emails making them look like they are being sent by others.


"Responsible" prank email that sends mails to appear to have come from someone else.

My Fake Wall

Make fake profile pages for celebrities, famous people, or mythical characters.

Collection of videos featuring the destruction of random peoples cell phones.


Allows users to send official looking prank emails to friends and enemies.


Offers a large collection of user submitted pranks sorted by category and victim.

Scary and Fun

Presents a variety of stories, games, and videos designed to scare and horrify.

The Sign Stealers

Contains videos and pictures of the sign stealing missions.

Strange Reports

Interactive prank site allowing users to create funny fake news stories featuring their friends.


Fake airline ticket generator. Produces first class tickets for several airlines that can be used to prank avid travelers.


Comedy site posting a variety of pranks and links to other humorous content from around the web.

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