Political Humor

About: Political Humor

Political cartoons, funny pictures, pranks and jokes about prominent political figures, satire, parodies, and various other politics-inspired humor.

Attack Ad Generator

Create political attack ads through the use of "refrigerator magnet" terms, as well as video and audio components.

Bank of Obama

Allows users to send others bail out checks, either virtually or via USPS for a small fee.

FlowGo: Political Cartoons

Funny political cartoons and parodies of current and past politicians.

The Funny Times

Monthly magazine of humor and politics. Features political cartoons, columns, jokes, and links and letters.

Indecision 2008

Features video clips from Colbert and the Daily Show as well as pithy polls, humorous viewpoints and captioning contests.


Imaginary party currently running for office in the United States.


Political satire and commentary with videos, songs, text and images, and links to news sources, papers, and magazines.

The Political Cliché Site

Collection of clichés concerning candidates, running a campaign, speeches, political scandals, elections, and election recounts.


Poems and rhymes lampooning all things liberal.

Pundit Kitchen

Presents photos and allows users to caption them, and then vote on the best captions.

Where the Truth Lies

Presents humorous altered photos, features, celebrity index, and links to similar websites.

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