Humorous Insults

AIM Away Messages

Gallery of bitter and cynical messages collated from AIM conversations. Covers a variety of languor and subject areas.

The Finger

Avenue for sharing funny and entertaining ways of insulting and cursing.


Presents twisted meanings to commonly used words, jokes and nasty insults, tips on insulting, insult mail templates and guides, and more.


Generates a wide variety of insults in various themes.

Resource for "interesting, informative, humourous, and educational" insults, quotes, and sayings.

Mind Your Own Business

Get insults, satire lines, games, information on manners, jokes, and more.


Delivers random and crazy insults. Also provides hosting services for "insult artists.".

There Is a Special Place in Hell

Humor-oriented online space for ranting serving as a place for pointing out or documenting social ineptitude and wrongness.

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