Soft Drinks


Presents a compilation of news updates reporting the developments and events relevant to the continued distribution of the drink Cheerwine.

Coldbacon’s Beverage Reviews

Resource for reviews and ratings on the different types and brands of beverages.

Diet Coke

Features details on the various flavors and historical background of the beverage.

Faygo Beverages, Inc.

Information on the array of recipes and flavors of the beverage. Comes with news and contact information.


Features product information and history, plus downloadable images and features on various athletes that endorse the product.

Nektar Kourtidi

Presents a list of the company's products. Also includes history and contact details.

Highlights the history of the company that made the Shasta beverages. Also contains a product list providing details about the merchandise.


Official site of the company producing carbonated apple soda. With details on the varied types of their products.

Sun Drop Citrus Soda

Presents the different variants of Sundrop products. Also includes nutritional details and company profile.

Volvic Natural Mineral Water

Shows the product's range of flavors as well as its TV advertisements.

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