Aviation Resources


Exclusively aviation oriented search engine organized into categories.

AeroWEB – Italian Aerospace

References provided for aviation related matters including service providers, airshows and suggested flight destinations.

African Aviation Forum

Confers discussion of relevant updates and issues on the aircraft industry.

Air Strip America

Archive of photos depicting images of landmarks, airparks and aviation facilities. Contains list of airports.

Aircraft Paint Schemes

Downloadable drawing of assorted layouts for painting aviation vehicles. Features other rendered services.

Aircraft Partnership

Connects pilots interested in co-ownership of aircrafts. Cites membership privileges.

Aircraft Title Search

Guide for aviation vehicle ownership. Contains description of the rendered service.


References for aviation in New Zealand. Features details on airports and photo gallery.

The AirDB

Data on airline connections and airports from different countries around the world. Includes news updates.

Airline Flying

Presents details on the different aspects of airplane operation. Provided by an active captain.


Video presentation of different aircrafts. Showcases gallery of clips from various contributors.


Contains references for pilots including weather and routes. Cites membership privileges.


Community discussion of relevant information on the aviation industry. Provides categorized index of topics.

Aviation Boom

General reference guide provided for terms, history, events and news updates related to the industry.

Aviation Forum

Updates on the industry provided as well as articles and archive of relevant data. Provides a message board as well.

Aviation Reference Desk

News updates on the aircraft industry’s various aspects. Contains categorized index of relevant topics including security and general issues.


Database of assorted aircraft suppliers provided in alphabetical order.


Update on events related to aviation as well as articles, podcasts, videos and reports.

Best Aviation

Index of institutions conducting training for pilots. Provides categorized listing of programs.


Access to a wide range of information and resources for crew members worldwide.


Public gallery for sharing of information as well as air pictures from pilots and enthusiasts of the craft.


Online resource for experimental aircraft, homebuilt aircraft, and homebuilt airplane projects.

First Flight

Virtual flight school offering online flying lessons for private pilots.

Flight Schools Directory

Listings of various flight schools worldwide with links to information on employment opportunities.


References provided for aviation related craft. Includes instructions and tips on aircraft flights.


Online aircraft reservation system designed for clubs, flight schools, and aircraft rental companies.


Presents a directory of training schools as well as links to aviation museums and associations.

Start Flying

Contains articles and features of interest to all those new to aviation, including training information and international links.

Thai Technics

Provides descriptions and statistics for a selection of civil and military aircraft.

Thirty Thousand Feet

Aviation directory withlinks to aviation web pages, aviation news, and other sources of commercial, military, and general aviation information.

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