Kites for Kids

Best Breezes

Offering a wealth of information about the history and science of kites, with details of kite pioneers, kites as art and simply how to enjoy flying them.

Crazy about Kites

Offers a tutorial about teaching kids to make kites in different styles.

Easy Kite Making Instructions for Preschool Kids

Offers a simple and fun kite pattern that is perfect for preschool aged kids, includes step by step instructions with photos.

Easy Kitemaking: How to Build a Pyramid Kite

Instructions on how to make "pyramid kite", also called a tetrahedral kite,.

Homeschool Kite Making Activity Day

A lesson plan with complete time tested instructions and photos.

How To Make A Box Kite

A set of instructions on how to make a box kite and materials required.

How To Make A Kite

Step-by-step instructions on building kites of various styles and designs.

How to Make a Simple Kite

How to hand craft a kite with easy instructions. Includes art and craft ideas for kids of all ages.

How to Make a Traditional Kite

Give instructions on how to make a kite, including photos and video.

Kite Kids

Provides facts about kites from a world renowned kite maker, collector, and event organizer. Includes workshops on how to make and fly kites.

Kite Making Instructions for Kids

Shows how to make your own fun flying toy kites with ideas, instructions, patterns, and activities for children, teens, and preschoolers.

Kites + Kids = Education

Provides workshops and information about kite building, and gives project tutorials.

Kites in the Classroom

Help for teachers, or leaders of any sort of childrens' group, to oversee a kite-building project.

Make A Kite For Kids

Step-by-step instructions to make a very simple kite for kids. It involves no gluing, just cutting with scissors, sticking with tape and one knot.

Making a Tetrahedral Kite

Directions to make an easy and fun to fly kite. Includes step by step instructions with photographs.

NASA: Beginner's Guide to Kites

Features an introduction to the science - and fun - of kites, including a kite modeler applet.

National Geographic Kids: Make a Kite

Gives a step-by-step tutorial on how to make a kite and fly it on a windy day.

Paper Kites: How to Make One Page Paper Kites

Offers complete time tested instructions for kids to make their own kites and fly them in 20 minutes.

Science Kids: Make A Kite

Offers kite flight lesson plans that feature interesting flight related facts and kite making activities for kids.

Uncle Jonathan’s 20 Kids, 20 Kites, 20 Minutes.

A festival of paper kites, offering kite making classes for children. Provides the complete time tested instructions to get 20 kids making their own kites and flying them in 20 minutes.

Virtual Kite Zoo

Offering information about a wide variety of types of kites, with sketches, plans, historical information and photographs.

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