Pets Cats New to Cats - Getting Your First Cat

Answers where to adopt, cat care, indoors or outdoors, declawing, allergies, and what age to adopt.


Site dedicated to cat lovers. Provides details on feline breeds, health, nutrition, and behaviors.

Cats for Kids

Information about how to care for and play with your cat, as well as feline history and how to understand their body language. Craft ideas, quiz and photographs. From UK charity Cat's Protection.

For Kids: About Cats

Tells about different breeds and colors, what happens at cat shows, fun games, and links to other cat information.

Kitties for Kiddies

Teaches kids about types of cats, how to care for this pet, grooming tips, and keeping the litter box clean.

Simple Petcare: Cats

Tells about care, health, diseases, kittens, breeds and varieties, and general information.

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