Biography Native Americans

American Indians of the Pacific Northwest Collection

Highlights essays on two notable Apache leaders by David M. Buerge. Includes historical pictures and study questions.

America's Library - Osceola in Florida

Brief overview on the life and legacy of the native American war chief.

Chief Seattle

Resource for information on the native American's biography as well as his tribe, orations, and heritage.

The Chiricahua Apaches

Presents three of the well-known Apache leaders and the narration of how Cochise, Geronimo, and Mangas Coloradas fought against white colonization.

Ely Samuel Parker "Grant's Indian"

Resource for information on the native American's life history and career as a military staff.

Frances Slocum

Article discussing the biography of the girl abducted and adopted by the Miami tribe of Indians.

Great Chiefs and Leaders

Takes into account several Native American leaders including their struggles and beliefs.


Presents a photo of the native American war chief's monument along with details on his life and battles against Colonial settlers.

National Women's Hall of Fame - Sarah Winnemucca

Brief overview on the life and career of the native American known for her writings and publications.

Native American Actors

Directory of Native American actors who appeared on television and film.

Native American Authors

Repository of lists showing Native American authors who gave contributions to literature.

Ohio History Central - Pontiac

Features the biography of the native American who led a rebellion against the British military occupation.

PBS - A Warrior in Two Worlds

Explores the biography and career of the Seneca chief, engineer, and Civil War hero.

Powerful People

Gives account on the influential contributions of some Native American people in historical and contemporary fields.

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