The Atmosphere Weather

Dance Wild Wild Weather Page

Weather information and resource site put up by Newschannel 19's chief meteorologist. Offers puzzles, audios, quizzes, and other related resources.

Ecokids: Be a Weather Watcher

Offers introductory information about climate and weather along with a plan where kids can pretend to be a meteorologist. Require Adobe Shockwave.

Edheads: Weather Activities

Offering insights on reporting about weather in class. With a weather glossary, weather class lesson plans, and a temperature converter.


Online weather school of the National Weather Service. Provides informative materials for educators and others interested about weather and weather safety.

Met Office: Primary Students

The UK's Met Office presents a wide range of weather information for children, including games, puzzles, experiments and things to do.

National Weather Service: Playtime for Kids

Provides general weather information and safety tips as well as educational and fun facts about winter storms, tornadoes, thunderstorms and floods.

The Online Guides: Meteorology

Features web-based instructional modules about light, optics, clouds, winds, weather forecasting, storms, the hydrologic cycle and more.


Forecast current information about the climate conditions of the United Kingdom.

Weather Watch

Provides articles about different kinds of natural catastrophes, including hurricanes, earthquakes, tornadoes, winter storm and volcanic eruptions.

Weather Wiz Kids

Educational online resource aimed at helping young learners in understanding weather and related topics.

Various information about weather and meteorology presented in a question-and-answer format.

Web Weather for Kids

Comprehensive weather guide with a glossary, teachers' tips, stories, games, and activities.

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