Benjamin Franklin

An Enlightened American: Benjamin Franklin

ThinkQuest project presents biography, complete works, inventions, quotations, interesting facts, and genealogy.

Autobiography of Benjamin Franklin

Chronicles the life story of the scientist, researched on electricity and lighting.

Ben Franklin Quiz

Provides a trivia related to his life, works and discoveries.

Benjamin Franklin

Recounts the contributions and accomplishments in the field of science as well as to his country.

Benjamin Franklin: A Man of Many Talents

Provides a work of the second grader pupils relates profile of the expert. Includes collection of saying and related quiz.

Electric Franklin

Provides information all about the scientist, made various experiments and studied on electricity. Includes his photo images and related games.

The Energy Planet: Benjamin Franklin (1706-1790)

Reviews biography and inventions. Includes discussion forum.

Franklin Institute Science Museum

Contains information on the exhibits of scientific instructional materials, includes the statue of the scientist. Also includes details of educational programs.

Quick Biography of Benjamin Franklin

Contains details of his life, discoveries, inventions and accomplishments.

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