Circulatory System

Anatomy of the Human Heart

Provides an overview of the anatomy of the human heart, with illustrations and diagrams.

Blood Typing

Features an introduction to blood types, blood typing and blood transfusions, with a fun interactive game to test your understanding. From the Nobel Prize Foundation.

Cardiovascular System

Features an animated explanation of the pulmonary circuit.

The Franklin Institute: The Human Heart

Explores the development and structure of the human heart, follows the blood flow through the cirulatory system and teaches about heart health, with activity ideas and image gallery.

The Heart and the Circulatory System

Details the history of medical thought on the heart and circulatory system and presents activity ideas and a glossary.

Nova Online: Cut To The Heart

Provides information on the history of heart surgery as well as details of what causes heart failure, animated diagrams and photographs of diseased hearts.

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