eNature.com: Woodchuck (Marmota monax)

Field guide offers other names, physical description, similar species, habitat, range, source of name, activity, behavior, mating, diet, and sounds.

Enchanted Learning: Groundhog (Woodchuck)

Contains labeled coloring page, relatives, hibernation, size and appearance, diet, predators, and classification details.

Groundhog: Life and Habitat

Reviews behavior, burrows and dens, habitat requirements, reproduction, social structure, interaction with humans and livestock, sounds, and characteristics.


Groundhog photographs, information, postcards, and screen saver.

National Geographic: Groundhog (Marmota monax)

Contains range map, photograph, relatives, lifestyle, birth season, behavior, diet, fast facts, and printable factsheet.

Woodchuck (Marmota monax monax)

Virginia Game and Inland Fisheries explores characteristics, distribution, and foods. Includes map.

Woodchuck (Marmota monax)

Lists geographic range, habitat, appearance, reproduction, lifespan, behavior, food habits, and conservation status.

Woodchuck (Marmota monax)

Describes relatives, appearance, burrows, breeding, hibernation, behavior, and distribution. From Canadian Museum of Nature.

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