Science Environment

Bill Nye's Climate Lab

Bill Nye offers a fun way to learn about climate change and what it means.

BLM: Activities for Kids

The Bureau of Land Management offers information about public lands along with fun and educational activities for kids including coloring books and activity guides.

Bureau of Land Management

Shares games and activities about public lands, soil, energy, wildfires, silent invaders, and history mysteries. Includes homework helpers.

Charlie and Lola: The Planet Game

Environmentally themed game featuring popular story characters Charlie and Lola.

Children of the Earth - Earth Issues

Check out the Eco-Glossary, and download an animated presentation on global warming.

Children of the Earth - Eco-Careers

Find out what an environmental geologist does and play some games about it.

Children's University of Manchester: Energy and the Environment

Provides animations, quizzes and games to help children learn about renewable energy, energy efficiency and global warming.

Climate Change North

Provides background information and resources for intermediate and high school aged children. Focuses particularly on how climate change affects the lives of those in Northern Canada.

Discover the Forest

Discusses the eco-system, conservation, and the many ways to benefit from nature, projects, and photo galleries. cheecker

Earth Matters 4 Kids

Gives environmental news, cycles and ecosystems, and earth's environment. Includes treasure hunt and recycle game.

Eco Kids: Biodiversity

Explains biodiversity, species diversity, environment, and how the Earth's food supply depends on biodiversity and how human activities play a role in the loss of biodiversity.


Offers homework help for children on environmental and wildlife topics, plus a large selection of games and information for children in Canada on how to become an Eco Reporter.

Ecological Explorers

Research project for grades K-12 tells how to get started. Shares interactive games and Phoenix ecosystem information.

Environmental Sites for Kids

Helpful resource provides a multitude of links for all sorts of environmental Web sites for kids, covering the earth, oceans, animals, and solar system.

EPA Student Center

Environmental Proctection Agency offers links for both students and teachers to club projects, ecosystems, human health, waste and recycling, water, conservation, and fun activities.

Fifty Things To Do

Exciting way for kids to become involved in the outdoors and explore 50 different things that they can do.

Forest Service Kids

Provides students, parents and teachers with youth-oriented information and resources related to natural resources and the environment. From the US Forest Service.

The Great Green Web Game

Interactive board game which challenges children's knowledge of environmental issues. From the Union of Concerned Scientists.

The Greens

Features animated adventures of a family who cares about the earth. Includes episodes, games, downloads, activity guide, and blog. A WGBH program.

Kids Do Ecology

Teaches children about ecology, conservation, data recording, world biomes and animals.

Nab the Aquatic Invader

Kids become private investigators to help identify and arrest invasive aquatic species endangering the Pacific, Gulf, Atlantic, and Great Lakes.

National Wildlife Federation Kids

Presents various information about wildlife, wildlife conservation, global warming, and related issues. Also features news and magazines.

Natural History Museum: Kids Only

Featuring games, quizzes and fun ideas from the Natural History Museum. Includes information about dinosaurs, life, and a photo gallery.

Nature Challenges for Kids

Provides ideas and activities for children hoping to make a difference to their environment.

OHMSETT: Just for Students

Answers questions about managing oil spills, with games and activities, FAQs, programs, and pictures.

Ollie Recycles

Teachers primary aged children about reducing, reusing and recycling materials, with articles, facts, quizzes and activities.

Scholastic: Oil Spill in the Gulf of Mexico

Provides news for children about the oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico, plus activities and questions.

Seusville: The Lorax

Presents environmentally themed games, discussion ideas and tips themed around the Dr Seuss Book "The Lorax".

The Signs of Climate Change

EPA offers a portal for students to explore a variety of observed and projected signs of climate change.

Tiki the Penguin

Includes games, quizzes, music, and guides exploring pollution, climate change, food, and what kids can do to help.

The Wild Ones

The Wildlife Trust's resource on conservation, wildlife and bioscapes; includes materials for students and teachers.

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