Money and Careers Economics

Big Mac Index

Compares economic and currency values based on the price of a Big Mac.

Commanding Heights

Resource which provides children with insight into globalization and the world economy. Features timelines, videos, interviews and full economic profiles of many countries.


The Rutgers University Project on economics and children provides teachers, parents, and volunteers with ideas for using children's literature to introduce economics to children.


Provides simple articles on key economic topics.

Economics and Children's Literature (Grades K-2)

Offers a reading list for kids books teaching economy sorted by title, author, themes, and summary.

Economics for Kids

Offers a collection of presentations on Economics, including bartering, principles of business, and goods and services.

The Economics Major

Explains choosing to major in economics, myths, types of courses, employment, and additional resources.


ThinkQuest project looks at enterprise, supply and demand, goods and services, trade, opportunity cost, and producer vs. consumer.


Features an online game entitled Fedville, which allows children to practice the rules of economics in a small town setting.

Internal Revenue Service

Students’ topics include taxable income, education and work-related expenses as well as tax withholding and estimated tax.

IW Chameleon: GCSE Business Subjects and Economics

Interactive revision resources including examinations, workplace organization, human resources, communications, and computer applications.

Social Studies for Kids: Economics

Presents a collection of illustrated articles for children on economics topics including inflation, the stock market and supply and demand.

Taking the Pulse of the Economy

Contains articles and news pertaining to business and economics.

Tax History Museum

Traces the history and development of taxation law from the point of its promulgation.

Tax History Project

Highlights information to provide scholars, policymakers, journalists, and the general public with information on the history of U.S. public finance.

Wall Street Journal - The Classroom Edition

Educational program developed by the publishers of the world’s premier business newspaper. Includes various articles about careers, media, college preparation, marketing, personal finance and technology.

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