Wars Revolutionary War

Amazing Women in War and Peace

Features the stories of the few women who served in the army during the American Revolution.

American Revolution

Brief summaries describing the key events, heroes, living conditions and battles during the war for independence.

The American Revolution for Kids

Devoted to providing educational articles and illustrations for kids regarding the causes and history of the revolution.

Historic Valley Forge

Traces the story of the newly formed Continental Army as they fought against nature in the six months of winter camp.

The History Place – American Revolution

Follows the history of the United States from the time of its discovery to the birth of the new nation after the war for independence.

Liberty – The American Revolution

Features the memorable headlines of the newspapers chronicling the start of the country’s fight for freedom.

Revolutionary War

Brief write-ups describing the causes, battles and main events as well as first hand accounts of the battle.

Was the American Revolution a Revolution?

Contains the history and background information on the revolution and its beginnings as well as various theories and interpretations on it.

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