Jefferson, Thomas Speeches and Writings

A Summary View of the Rights of British America

Complete copy of one of the papers written by Thomas Jefferson stating America’s desire for autonomy.

Autobiography – Thomas Jefferson

Follows the extensive story of the 3rd president of America through his own written accounts.

The Avalon Project at Yale Law School

Compilation of the papers written by President Thomas Jefferson ranging from his first annual message to Congress to the letter he wrote to Mr. Hammond.

Bartleby – First Inaugural Address of Thomas Jefferson In Washington, D.C.

Contains the entire transcript of his speech during the oath taking ceremony of his presidency.

Bartleby – Second Inaugural Address of Thomas Jefferson

Features Thomas Jefferson’s second presidential speech during his acceptance of the Executive Oath of Office.

From Revolution to Reconstruction – Declaration of Independence

Copy of the preliminary draft of the historic document written by Thomas Jefferson and submitted for corrections on the 28th of June 1776.

The Jefferson Bible

Provides background information as well as complete text of the texts compiled by Thomas Jefferson in the hope of learning from Jesus’ ethics.

The Library of Congress – American Memory

Brief overview of the documents and manuscripts written by President Thomas Jefferson as collected in the Manuscript Division.

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