North America United States

A Biography of America

Timelines, maps and images tracing the history of the country from discovery of the new world to the Clinton Impreachment.

A Celebration of the Human Spirit

Contains various articles, links and resources featuring the past and present of the Wild West.

America’s Story – Library of Congress

Presents the history of the country through articles, photographs as well as games and puzzles intended for the young learner.

American Memory – The Library of Congress

Archive of photographs and images with brief overviews categorized into topics such as arts, religion and sports depicting the history of the country.

American Memory – The Library of Congress

Delves into historical collections to regularly commemorate noteworthy events in the history of America.

The American Pageant

Provides notes and outlines; and citation guides and chapter tests for the textbook used in United States History courses.

American Treasures of the Library of Congress

Recounts the story of former president John Quincy Adams and his defense of the captured slaves who mutinied aboard the famous schooner Amistad.

Andy’s American History Worksheets

Compendium of worksheets relating American History and presented through rhyming poems.

At Home in the Heartland

Features timelines, photographs and artefacts from Illinois through history, plus personal stories on three different difficulty levels, with activities, to help children understand lives from the past.

The Berlin Airlift – American Experience

Contains the film description, transcript, maps and various resources relating to the largest humanitarian campaign in world history.

Caleb Johnson's Mayflower History

Features the Mayflower passenger list with biographies of some of the passengers, plus extensive information for children on pilgrim history, the Mayflower voyage and life in Plymouth.

Colonial Kids: A Celebration of Life in the 1700’s

ThinkQuest project articles look at homes, school, clothes, transportation, chores, and jobs.

Colonial Williamsburg

Collection of articles and photographs explaining the lifestyle of colonial America.

Columbia River Basin Ethnic History Archive

Database of photographs, documents, videos and artifacts related to the historic river basin.

Dakota Experience

Explores Great Plains frontier communities from 1860-1880, with interactive features, photographs and animations.

Ease History

Archive of video clips and images of the people and events that helped shape US history.

Exploring Maryland’s Roots

Variety of resources ranging from case studies, biographies as well as interactive videos presenting the history of the Old Line State.

Federal Writer’s Project

Collection of interview excerpts telling the life stories of men and women coming from all walks of life in the nation.

First Thanksgiving

Takes children on an interactive investigation into the first thanksgiving, viewed from the points of view of both English colonists and the Wampanoag people.

Freedom – A History of US

Series of documentaries that tracks the history of liberty in America and the lengths that people have gone to in gaining it.

From Revolution to Reconstruction...and What Happened Afterwards

Contains the complete hypertext of a number of USIA publications covering US history, economy and law.

Gold Rush – California’s Untold Stories

Unfolds the forgotten stories of the people and the events that shaped California’s history and its people.

Great American Speeches

Archive of complete transcripts with included introductions and epilogue of the greatest speeches of the men and women who helped shape the nation.

Harvest of History

Features an interactive guide to the history of New York state farming and agriculture.

History Haven

Provides the overview of America’s history divided into several chapters from Colonial America to The Reagan Era.

Indian Kids

Showcases the life and environment of the natives of America through child-friendly graphics and explanations.

Jefferson West

Features the Jefferson West adventure that aims to let students experience as they go through the field trip in Colonial Williamsburg.

Mission US

Free interactive adventure games set in different eras of US history; site includes a teacher's guide.

Mount Rushmore – American Experience

Film documentary featuring the creation of the historic monuments at the side of the now famous mountain. American History

Features lesson plans, activities, PowerPoint presentations, and games related to American history.

The National Archives

Collection of photographs and videos tracing the history of the United States from the Declaration of Independence to the Watergate Files.

Nebraska Studies

Compilation of images, documents, letters, videos and maps tracing the history of the state that used to be called “Where the West Begins”.

New Perspectives on the West

Series of documentaries highlighting the American West and includes resources such as lesson plans and quizzes for students and teachers.

The Odyssey – United States Trek

Educational learning program aimed at providing educational resources to teachers and the youth in gaining awareness of their country’s history.

Ohio Kids – History for Kids

Features graphics, activities, articles and images to help children in learning the history of the first state included in the creation of organized territories in America.

Old Sturbridge Village

Consists of various photographs and images of memorabilia and artifacts featuring New England life in 1800’s.

The Oregon Trail

Contains various resources from diaries, memoirs, and informative articles recounting the historic migration route that opened the rest of the country.

Picturing Modern America

Contains interactive exercises for middle and high school children, encouraging them to think about the way images are of use to historians.


Describes the life and stories of the first people who settled in the New World called America.

The Population of Vermont

Provides background information on the history and population of the state and cities as of the year 2000.

Pre-European Peoples of Wisconsin

Traces the history and culture of the people living in the territory nicknamed the “Badger State”.

Slave Ship Trouvadore

Contains background information on the history of the slave ship that wrecked off the island of Turks and Caicos and the mysterious events and artifacts surrounding the wreck.

U.S. History Timeline

Provides a descriptive timeline as well as learning resources of the country’s history from the First People in America to the 20th Century.

Virtual Archaeologist Educational Environment

Contains educational and interactive resources for students taking up introductory archaeology.

Way Back – U.S. History for Kids

Features discussions on the controversial issues on human rights such as religious freedom, women’s vote and school desegregation.

The Whaling Ship Essex

Provides background information on the infamous ship and the tragic story of the shipwreck and the surviving crewmembers.

Zoot Suit Riots

Detailed background information of riots that broke out in the city of Los Angeles involving soldiers and young Mexican Americans wearing the popular attire during those times.

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