Teen Sexual Abstinence

Abstinence Clearinghouse

Privately funded nonpartisan educational group that aims to provide a central venue where character, relationship, and abstinence programs can be accessed.

AIM for Success

Nonprofit educational organization that runs abstinence programs for the United States.

Chastity, Abstinence, and Dating

Discusses the differences and interconnection among some of the key terms in sexuality.

Choose Today

Get insights on the positive aspects of being able to assert abstinence and chastity.

Choosing the Best

Fosters abstinence education through various curricula and trainings. Also features success stories, research results, and answers to related frequently asked questions.

It’s Great to Wait

Abstinence education campaign promotes outreach activities aimed at increasing public awareness of sexual abstinence being the healthiest choice for the youth.


All-encompassing call for abstinence among youth - that abstinence from sex, drugs, alcohol, and other vices.

The Peers Project

Encourages positive teenage role models by affirming, educating, and equipping them to teach a character-based curriculum and an abstinent lifestyle.

Project Pledge

Community of support created for young people who want to live their live out of the peer pressures of having premarital sex.

Project Reality

Nonprofit abstinence-advocating organization that specializes in the development, teaching, and evaluation of abstinence programs.

Sexual Purity

Empowers the youth to observe premarital sexual abstinence and maintain sexual purity.

Teenage Sexual Abstinence and Academic Achievement

Social science paper explores connections between teen sexual activity, abstinence, and educational outcomes.


United Students for Abstinence - an advocacy to bring young couples to sex-free relationships before marriage.

WV Abstinence Only Education Project

Provides sex refusal skills, information on STDs, and several Q&As on abstinence.

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