Japan Geography For Kids and Teens

21 H’s

Class made up of high school students from Tayoma, Japan. Highlights a class picture together with their teacher.

Children in Japan

Report examines Japanese values, family life and social issues as they pertain to children, and looks at the Japanese education system.

Country Studies: Japan

Contains information on the mythological origins of the country and its ancient cultures. Presents a study on the country’s profile and history.

Guide to Japanese Manners and Etiquette

Offers basics such as removing shoes, business etiquette, table manners, bathing etiquette, and traditional manners.

Japan Thru Young Eyes

Details the living traditions of Japan and the rising industry of Tokyo. Also contains guides on how to maintain a good living in the country.

Japanese Festivals and Celebrations

Provides insights on the Shinto Shrine and contains photos of the Hina Marsuri and the different activities during events in Japan.

Japanese Incense

Provides information on the Japanese culture and the relation of nature, incense, and humanity. Contains poems related to the environment.

Japanese Wedding Traditions

Discusses Shinto shrines, the wedding day, and the reception celebration.

Japanese Weddings

Contains information on traditional and contemporary wedding ceremonies. Also includes details on language, religion, arts, food, and history.

Jumping Into Japan

Highlights a map of the country and provides information on its history, sports, schools, food, traditions, and folktales.

Kids Web Japan

Contains details on culture and folk legend related games such as Kendama, Judo, Kimono, Kintaor, Teng no and Warashibe Choja. Also provides information on the country’s profile and history.

Let’s Travel to Japan

Contains information on Japanese religion, culture, and people. Compares the country to the United States and gives insights on the similarities of both countries.

Odd Japanology

Provides records on both historical and fictional Japanese heroes and heroines. Includes details on the Heian period, age of wars, and the showa epoch.

Peggy’s Japan Page

Contains information on Japanese food, culture, activities, education, and lifestyle.

Rising Sun: A Cultural Portrait of Japan

Discusses geography, national symbols, politics, language, entertainment, and lifestyles.

Roger and Marilyn's Photo Tour of Tokyo, Japan

Offers photographs, maps, and sounds, with information on sights, culture, food, etiquette, and transportation.

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