Personal Money Management


Money informational resource for increasing credit score, debt consolidation, and loan solutions for small business & personal needs. AmOneMoney

Biblical Money Management

Offers financial calculators for loan amortization, leases and purchases, car loans, and mortgage refinancing. With PowerPoint presentations and sermon mp3s.


Browser app that simplifies paying bills. Includes a password keeper, receipts file, and bill reminders.


Offers credit card and cell phone comparison advice and monitoring.


Online tool allowing people to record and report on expenses, receive reminders about bills that need to be paid, remind others that they should make payments, and receive email summaries of expenses.

Choice Nerd

Database of articles, tips, and ideas on building wealth instead of debt.

Credit Release

Provides borrowers with bad credit histories access to the best available loans online.

Offers a categorized article directory for everyone interested in debt and financial issues and a free submission service for authors of debt and finance related articles.

Dollar Times

Offers a wide range of free calculators for figuring budgets, credit card payments, interest, mortgages, college savings, savings rates and more.

Finance Globe

Offers financial resources for consumers and business owners. Includes comparisons on credit card and lending companies.

Financial Calculators

Huge collection of online financial calculators from the KJE Computer Solutions. Includes items for mortgages, loans, taxes, credit cards, investments, and more.

Financial Choices Matter

Offers advice on setting financial priorities, money management, debt, retirement, and insurance.

Financial Freedom

Money management information for housing, debt reduction, auto and long term care insurance, and preparing for the future.

Financial Freedom

Offers information and advice on personal financial topics including budgeting, saving, frugal living, eliminating debt, investing, and retirement planning.

Financial Mentor

Offers advice and coaching on managing money, retirement, wealth, and investments.

Fisher Investments Private Client Group

Provides money management and counseling to individuals with an ongoing educational program.

Free Financial Advice

Elaborates on the rules of financial management, provides financial calculators, and hosts financial forums.

How Much Answers

Money management answers, articles, and tips covering common personal finance topics including credit, insurance, investing, and loans.

Independence Financial Partners

Provides investment and insurance planning strategies for individuals and businesses in the Southern New England Area to reach their financial goals. INDFPartners

Integrity First Financial Services

Assists homeowners by offering solutions to prevent foreclosure.

Ken Fisher Investments

Provides the official website for Ken Fisher with discussions on investments and trends in the investing world.


Provides information, resources, and applications for credit cards, insurance, loan, credit and ID security products and services. marketprosecure


Free online money management tool which pulls information from financial records, bank accounts and credit-card accounts and graphs cash flows and expenditures. Includes features, articles, and company information.

Money Crashers

Provides tips for improving financial fitness including topics like money management, smart shopping, eliminating debt, investing, and saving for retirement.

National Council on Economic Education (NCEE)

Information about the programs and activities of NCEE - a nationwide network that promotes economic literacy among students and teachers.

National Endowment for Financial Education (NEFE)

Learn about the education and collaborative programs of NEFE, an organization that aims to hone the financial well being of the public.

Phillips International LLC

Overview of how to reduce debt, increase wealth, own real estate, reduce taxes, and run a business.


Personal finance tool used to manage money decisions and project future goals.

Practical Money Skills

Instructional and educational portal created for teachers, parents, and students to learn about personal finance.


Provides comparison rates for mortgages, savings accounts, CDs, auto loans, and more based on location.

Save On Quotes

Offers quotes on credit cards, 4G internet, insurance, local phone service plans, tickets, VOIP plans and triple play plans.


Online purchase management, money management, and order tracking tool that connects with Gmail and Yahoo Mail accounts.

Subprime Loan Source

Provides resources for individuals interested in loans created for sub-prime consumers. Examples include cash advances, home loans, auto loans, debt consolidation, unsecured credit, and debit cards.


Online expense tracking tool designed to facilitate the storage, organization, and access of receipts, expense reports, and other related particulars through SMS, email, and Twitter.

Wealth Management

Helps clients maximize wealth potential through a firm offering access to sound financial planning, creativity, and customization.

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