Home Improvement Automation

Automated Home

Gallery of home and personal products, appliances, and other gizmos that have undergone automation and convergence.

Discount Home Automation

Sells brand name wiring, networking, security, audio/video, and other wireless control and home automation products.

Efficient Windows Collaborative

Highlights designs of energy efficient windows. Includes information on manufacturers and designers.

Electronic House Magazine

Information on how to bring electronic comfort and convenience into your home.

Enlightened Technologies

Offers a line of managed technology services for home automation.

Grant's Closet

Discusses the concept of home networking. With links to a few home networking resource and service providers.

Hidden Wires

Resource for home automation and networking products and services. With an e-zine.

Home Automation

Directory of home automation related websites. Contains listings on home networking, security systems, wiring and cabling, and more.

Home Automation Forum

Portal to information, ideas, and insights for home automation enthusiasts.

Home Automation Index

Lists a number of service providers for custom home automation technologies.

The Home Automation Zone

Collection of information and articles on home networking, structured wiring, home security, and more.

Home Toys

Information source for home technology including home networking, entertainment, and automation.


Incorporates the technological leadership in home life with Kelly Clarkson's rise to fame.

Orr Systems

Provides information and tips on electronics and home automation. With details on wiring, bodgomatic curtain automator and IR extender-transmitter.

Powerline Communications.net

Contains information on networking, Internet and phones. Also includes a glossary of terms used in online communications.

Powerline Technology eLibrary

Lists products, resources and articles on powerline communication and networking.

Shmern's Self Build Site

Serves as a manual on dealing with do-it-yourself home installations.

Smart Home Forum

Enumerates modern technologies applicable for home security, automation, and networking purposes.

Sound Design

Specializes in home theater systems, structure wiring, audio-visual distribution, and lighting control.

Steve's Cyberhome

Account of a person living in an automated home, circa 1995.

Technologies 4 Homes

Presents resources for small home and business technologies.

Tom's Home Automation Modifications (X-10 Mods)

Details home automation modification projects that center around X-10, a technology that enables 110-volt compatible devices to transmit and receive data among themselves.

Tutorial on 802.11 Standard

Aims to give an overview -- basic concepts and principles of operations -- of the features and components of the communication protocol that can be utilized for home automation applications.

X 10 Mentor

Guide to X 10 home automation offers pointers on choosing automation projects, finding the best deals, and going about troubleshooting.

X10 Home Automation Control Software: 'Hands On' Review

Contains resources about X-10 applications in home automation.

X-10 Ideas

Portal to home automation resources – articles, FAQs, tips and ideas, products, and software list.


Contains home automation information, product catalogs, manufacturer lists and reviews.

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