Geranium Gardening

Garden Guides: Geranium

Offers a guide sheet on geraniums, varieties, and care instructions.

The Gardening Guru's Scented Geranium Fact Sheet

Describes variety of scents, classification, landscaping, growth and care, pruning, and details on varieties.

Geranium Culture for Home Gardeners

Reports on common, ivy- and scented-leaved, and mosquito geraniums, with indoor and outdoor cultures, propagation, and disease problems.

Growing Geraniums

Presents popular types, as well as tips on light, soil, fertilizer, water, grooming, and over-wintering.

Growing Hardy Geraniums

Discusses cultivation of geraniums, with details on specific species and subspecies.

Hardy Geraniums

Collection of geranium photos and growing tips.

Hardy Perennial Geraniums for Your Garden

Includes horticultural history, gardening situations, and recommended species.

Outdoor-Indoor Geranium Culture

Offers information about geranium culture, types of geranium, and propagation.

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