Codiaeum Gardening Codiaeum - Croton

Briefly looks at appearance, soil and water preferences, potting, propagation, and varieties.

Shares personal images, history, origin, size, growth rate, scientific name, and family.

Dave's Garden PlantFiles: Codiaeum variegatum

Profile of the Codiaeum variegatum including information on cultivation, foliage, propagation, and hardiness. With pictures and gardener's notes.

Floridata: Codiaeum variegatum var. pictum

Description of the plant with information on its usage and cultivation requirements.

Forum: The Croton Society

Offers a variety of topics for discussion, including trades and wish lists, tutorials, Q and A, pictures, garden tours, and identification help.

Gardening Australia - Fact Sheet: Crotons

Explores origins, varieties, problems, and growing tips.

Gertens: Crotons

Briefly reviews requirements for light and heat, and water. Includes common problems.

How to Grow Crotons

Includes overview of the species, and step-by-step instructions for growing crotons outdoors or indoors.

Wisconsin's Tropical Gardens: Croton - Codiaeum

Plant profile offers images, description, and light, temperature, and water requirements.

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