Breastfeeding Support

Adoptive Breastfeeding Resource

Promotes information on inducing lactation. Contains message board discussion, baby names resource and photo albums.

Association of Breastfeeding Mothers

Offers magazine resources and book reviews on breastfeeding.

Breastfeeding resource community for parents. Includes Expert Q&A, discussion boards, newsletters, contests, and breastfeeding journals.

Breastfeeding Task Force

Supports breastfeeding through community campaigns and awareness outreach. Contains newsletter subscription, news and event calendar.

Breastfeeding Works

Project campaign in advocacy to breastfeeding in the workplace. Includes accommodation law details, award application forms and academy resources.

Community features breastfeeding news, information, expert Q&A, freebies and fun. Purchase breast pumps, nursing bras and other breastfeeding necessities.

Bright Future Lactation Resource Centre

Educational resource guide for lactation consultants.

La Leche League Canada

Facilitates informal community discussions on breastfeeding information. Also contains information about lactation.

La Leche League International

Provides information and advocacy to lactating mothers. Includes contact details, and health care resources.

La Leche League of Florida

Non-profit organization provides education to breastfeeding mothers. Contains contact resources and events details.

Nursing Mothers Advisory Council

Support services for breastfeeding mothers. Includes articles and local meeting schedules.

Nursing Mothers Advisory Council

Volunteer organization offers support and counseling to breastfeeding women. Contains FAQs topics, publication and article resources.

Nursing Mothers of Raleigh

Supports education for breastfeeding women. Includes monthly meeting details, breast pump sales and journal resources.

Orange Country Breastfeeding Coalition

Promotes infant breastfeeding in educating health care professionals and parents. Contains membership application and contact details.

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