Junk Mail and Telemarketing Consumer Protection

Do-it-Yourself: Stop Junk Mail

Free guide to reducing unwanted or intrusive advertising.

Federal Communications Commission

Provides tips and guidelines to prevent telephone solicitation calls. Includes information on violations.

Federal Trade Commission

Organization advocates for the protection of consumers. Also provides buying guidelines.

Junk Mail and the Art of Hype

Article from Bill Mason that tells about the characteristics of junk mail and how they are designed to catch the eyes of consumers.

Kentucky Telemarketing "No Call" Law

Provides consumer and telemarketer information as well as a link to signing up for the National Do Not Call Registry.

New American Dream

Provides information about what junk mail is, how authorities are working to hinder its spread, and how to get rid of it.


Canadian site dedicated to eliminating fraud.

Private Citizen

Organization dedicated to addressing problems of junk calls and mail. Builds a do-not-call list called a "private citizen directory" sent to local and national junk call firms and list sellers all over America.

Stop Political Phone Calls

Covered by legislative loopholes the political calls just keep on coming. Register with this grassroots movement to stop being harassed during election season.

Telephone Solicitor's Nightmare

Presents audio clips that feature ideas on how to turn "inconvenience" to telephone solicitors and telemarketers themselves. Also features a humor quiz on telemarketing.

Travel Assist Magazine

Contains an article of publication that contains about forged services caused by telemarketers.


Online service for changing postal address and getting rid of unwanted paper mail.

Why Call.me

Allows users to post complaints targeting telephone scam artists and telemarketers.

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