Search and Rescue

Alaska Mountain Rescue Group

Provides information about training programs and contains a handbook that details the procedure of standard rescue operations.

Angel Search and Rescue Inc

Provides an overview of the radio communication devices and operational tactics of the recovery operations.

Barbour County Tactical Search and Recovery

Features educational seminars and training events conducted by the organization that emphasize search management and operations.

Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit

Provides wilderness search and rescue services. With links to related sites and training picture gallery.

Bluegrass Search and Rescue

Offers recovery operations in water, subterranean areas, and wilderness. Shows the profiles of the personnel and the history of the team.

Calgary Search and Rescue Association

Features association’s profile and its specialty teams. With member’s area, newsletter page and related links.

California Emergency Mobile Patrol Search and Rescue

Engages in various disaster response services in the locality. Contents include roster of the members, details of training drills, membership requirements, news, and a list of missing people.

Greater Philadelphia Search And Rescue

Highlights canine and bike teams. With details on its education programs and code of ethics.

Kamloops Search and Rescue

Features its Hug A Tree program. Plus details on training program offerings and community events updates.

Longmont Emergency Unit

Includes apparatus information, service overview, volunteer application details and news highlights.

Lyon County Sheriff's Search and Rescue

Gives details on training programs and schedules, and membership requisites. Plus related links.

North Star Search and Rescue Organization

Contains index of completed search and rescue missions by the association. Plus details on its current search operations.

Placer County Mountain Rescue Team

Learn about the organization's philosophy, volunteer information and weather condition updates.

Ridge Meadows Search and Rescue

Includes travel and outdoor tips, volunteer information, funding details and membership requisites.

Search and rescue Council, Inc.

Contains safety tips, events updates and online newsletter. With links to other rescue groups.

Sequoia Mountain Rescue

Shows information about membership standards and training activities provided. Plus contact details.

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