Medical Education

Alaska Emergency Medical Service Programs

Provides training and EMS program listings. With school overview and mission statement.

Alberta Health and Safety Training Institute

Trainings offered include CPR, first aid, industrial, and pre-hospital care services. All curriculum provided are monitored and supervised by the National Red Cross.

Creighton University Emergency Medical Services

Provides full range of educational courses of paramedics and medical service personnel. Enumerates areas on which the programs are most useful for and profile of each curriculum.

Dr. Dale Dubin Emergency EKG

Shows how to interpret the electrical signals of the heart through the interactive learning device. Shows details on cardiac monitor warnings.

Emergency Medical Ed

Learn about its first aid and basic life support educational programs. With contact information.

Emergency Medical Training

Lists down training courses, cardiac courses and other EMS classes provided. Plus course calendar.

EMT Training Programs

Information and resources on local EMT training courses and programs.

Gemini Training Services

Provides on-site training in Advanced Cardiac Life Support, First-Aid CPR and industry safety consultation among others.

Health Care

Conducts online and regular class trainings on management and simulation of emergency cases where medical attention is required.

Includes test preparation tips, online practice exam information and study guides resources. With contact details.

Browse over wide list of medical training resources and related sites. With discussion forum and study guides.

Pediatric Education for Prehospital Professionals

Offers training for managing ill and injured children. Displays details of courses and profiles of the coordinators.

Rescue 3 International

Displays the schedule of educational trainings, description of the academic modules, and requirements on becoming a professional instructor on emergency medical services.

Snowy River EMS Education

Training institute that provides students with programs on medical and emergency assistance such as fire departments, law enforcement, security, lifeguard, army, industrial response, and recreational area staff.

STS Consulting

Offers tactical medical training courses for high-risk situation. Plus course listing, schedule details and contact information.

Surgical Tech

Students can use this resource to choose a school for pursuing a surgical technician degree.

Surgical Technologist

Provides a comprehensive guide through the process of becoming a surgical technologist including career details such as salary and education.

Surgical Technology Schools

Students can use this up-to-date resource to find information about surgical technologist education.

UMBC Emergency Health Services

Academic and training institute that trains individuals to become experts in Emergency Medical Services through liberal arts and science curricula.

Unitek Education: EMT Training

Accelerated EMT hands-on training program teaching students the skills required to provide basic to advanced pre-hospital emergency care.

Universal Emergency Medical Care Training Services

Gives information about class schedule, CPR certification program, and other courses available. Plus sections for RN and Surgical Technologists.

University of South Alabama: Department of Emergency Medical Services Education

Discusses the paramedic- and emergency service-related courses for all levels of education. With discussion on the research committee of the academic center that focuses on the advancement of equipment and techniques.

VSU Advanced Cardiac Life Support

Shows course listing including ECG interpretation courses and Advanced Cardiac Life Support certification program.

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