Poisonous Plants

Australian National Botanic Gardens

Displays a gallery of illustrative images of poisonous plant species in the country. Includes details on the common and scientific names and toxic parts of the vegetations.


Indexes poisonous plants arranged in alphabetical order with images and description.

California Turtle and Tortoise Club: Poisonous Plant List

Contains comprehensive list of hazardous vegetations that are toxic to turtles when taken. Includes description on the toxicity levels and possible treatment procedure.

Cornell University Poisonous Plants

Lists down plants alphabetically and provides details on toxic agents in plant and medicinal plants.

Guide to Poisonous Plants

Search plant data and information on prohibited plants in animal enclosures are among this site’s features.

Poisonous Plants

Contains a tabulated data on toxic plants species. Information sites the toxic part and various symptoms of affected individuals.

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