American Diabetes Association: Oral Medications

Reports options, effectiveness, how they work, interactions, and cost.

Biguanides for Type 2 Diabetes

Furnishes brand and generic names, how they work, why they are used, effectiveness, and side effects.

DiabetesNet: Sulfonylureas

Discusses history, target organ, action, side effects, contraindications, mechanism, and indications.

DPP-4 Inhibitors: A Novel Class of Drugs for Type 2 Diabetes

Shares introduction, research history, function, clinical trials, and pros and cons.

eHealthMe: Diabetes

Users can find reports from the FDA and patients about various diabetes medications.


Offers information about the prescription medication that helps manage type 2 diabetes with proper diet and exercise.

HealthCentral: Diabetes Drug Information

Lists common oral and injection medications, with indications, mechanism, and side effects.

Oral Diabetes Prescription Medications

Relates what they are, how they work, differences, non-insulin injectables, side effects, and interactions.

What I Need to Know About Diabetes Medicines

Addresses what they do, target glucose levels, types of medicines, side effects, and consumer information booklets.

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