Rehabilitation Medicine

Advanced Rehabilitation Therapy

Dedicated to providing educational materials and seminars to the rehabilitation community. Get details of training series and seminars. Printable order forms are available.

Aptor Rehabilitation Services

Houses information on physical therapy and massage, anodyne, aquatic therapy. Provides details on sports medicine and other related resources.

Aquatic Resources Network

Resource for aquatic therapy and fitness, including articles and magazine, DVD sales, list of seminars, and search for pools or providers in the USA.

Ark Regional Services

Collates details about the medical waiver services, residential, vocational, occupational therapy and day habilitation.

Center for Discovery

Maintains information about medical education, adult services and pediatric programs.

Community Integration Services

Displays information about aquatic therapy, multiple or severe joint problems, orthopedic and back injuries.

Community Rehab

Reports details on all types of musculoskeletal conditions, recreational and athletic injuries program, aquatic therapy, as well as traumatic conditions and various related links.

Community Rehabilitation and Disability Studies

Provides details regarding the support community for handicaps, and those with chronic health concerns.

Continuous Care Center

Points out various details about quality acute care to medically complex, chronic and acutely ill patients and physical rehabilitation.

Doylestown Buxmont Rehabilitation

Discusses information on advance physical medicine, diagnostic test, treatment and therapist.

Dubrow Physical Therapy

Conveys information on resolve problems causing pain and relative pain alleviation; as well as overall healthy living skills.

Main Line Spine

Contains information about Electromyography and Nerve Conduction Tests and other services provided. Includes article on causes of back pain. Contact details provided.

Performance Dynamics, Inc.

Researcher and developer of the ASTYM system. Trains and certifies clinicians nationwide. Learn more about the system and other services.

Professional Functional Electrical Stimulation South Africa

Transposes stroke rehabilitation, spinal cord injuries and multiple sclerosis.

Rehab in Review

Produced by physicians specializing in Physical Medicine. Find sample journals and archive of back issues. Contact details provided for subscriptions.

The Rehabilitation Medicine Group

Find details of treatments, diagnostics and other services. Provides web resources and information on office locations. Also features brief bios of physicians.

Therapies Unlimited Foundation, Inc.

Offers comprehensive, multi-disciplinary therapy services. Provides description of said services and a list of clients. Also includes information about the fundation.

Train Your Brain Co.

Features products on oral aerobics and auditory-visual phonics. Access the product section to download a video presenting the products.

Visual Health Information

Provides exercises and information for fitness and health professionals. Find information about educational materials and download free demo kits. A free stretching software can also be downloaded. Shipping policy is provided.

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