Ultrasound Research

Foundation for Focused Ultrasound Research

Entity created to promote education and research in the medical area of focused ultrasound applied to medicine. Organizes meetings, symposia, and discussions related to focused ultrasound.

UNC Ultrasound/Medical Augmented Reality Research

University of North Carolina - Chapel Hill research group involved in the development and operation of a system that allows a physician to see directly inside a patient using augmented reality.

University of Cincinnati Ultrasound Research Laboratory

Undertakes research on ultrasound bioeffects, transcranial ultrasound thrombolysis system (TUTS), characterization and optimization of contrast agents, and the severity of aterial stenosis by Doppler Ultrasound.

University of Pittsburgh Ultrasound Research Laboratory

Site provides an overview of the laboratory, articles, contacts, and information on tests, protocols, research projects, and personnel.

Worcester Polytechnic Institute Ultrasound Research Laboratory

Serves as a platform for enabling technologies in medical ultrasound.

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