American Association of Blood Banks

Group provides information on international blood banks, membership, marketplace, and resources for professionals.

Atlas of Hematology

Contains various galleries of cell smears, including maturation sequence, anemias, leukemias, and parasites.


Dedicated to the exchange of accurate information about blood, blood disorders, tests and testing, blood test results and interpretation, ways to donate blood, storage and safety. Features articles about these topics and practical quick facts.


Brings together voluntary donors of blood and those in need of matches. Provides online registration for donors and seekers as well. Also includes some information about several blood disorders.


Resource for hematology education and news includes articles, and discussion forums.


Online source for hematology education, practice and research. Contains articles and a slide collection of several topics. Provides free services such as a bookshop, calendar of events, journals, letters and profiles.

Canadian Blood Services

Organizaiton offers information on blood donations, volunteer opportunities and current news.

European Federation For Immunogenetics

Provides details on accreditation details, as well as information about the committees, constitution and information about EFI standards.

Haematology Education Centre

Features articles and other media sources tackling haematology. Includes links to related sites.


Online blood donor search and donation network. Presents lists of top donors and leading donor locations.


Features notes on all aspects of hematology, courses and conferences, patient information, textbooks, documents, and related links.

International Hematology Library

Comprehensive collection of references and resources on hematology. Includes definitions, publications, and related links.

Internet Atlas of Hematology

Shows information about comprehensive section of the multimedial Atlas of Hematology, includes erythropoesis, granulopoiesis, monocytic series and more interesting subjects.

Iron Disorders Institute

Provides reliable information about iron disorders. Find information about other services offered. Also features FAQs and helpful forms.

Links on Hemochromatosis

Contains a collection of links on hemochromatosis sorted by complaints and subject. Includes links of scientific and magazine articles and books. Pictures are also provided.

Machaon Diagnostics

Clinical reference laboratory specializing in the diagnosis, treatment and monitoring of hemostatic and thrombotic conditions. Find details of cost-effective solutions for hospitals and laboratories. Order forms are provided online.

Molecular Hematology

Offers online free tutorial for human hemogenetics and hemobiology in health and disease. Features a wide array of articles on said subjects and includes a forum for visitors.


Provides resources and articles for blood enthusiasts.

Plasma Blood Donation

Provides a directory of hard-to-find plasma blood donation centers.

Vanderbilt Hemostasis-Thrombosis Clinic

Provides comprehensive care to individuals with inherited disorders of bleeding or coagulation.

Virginia Cancer Institute

Shows information about quality medical care for the treatment of diseases of the blood, site provides patient info and cancer research source.

Worldwide Immunohematology Resource for Education

Single source for a variety of learning opportunities supporting the continuing education needs of blood banking professionals. Features a learning library and a section for accredited materials.

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