Diving Medicine

Divers Alert Network

Portrays non-profit medical organization, dedicated to the health of the scuba divers and medical assistant.

Docs Diving Medicine

Features information on Undersea Medicine, safety diving tips for both sport and professional divers.

e-med Private Medical Services

Gives information about the diving medicals services, a worldwide diving chamber locater and when one should contact e-med. UK based.

Health Link

Provides details on medical consultation, promote health and well being of the people in the community and health care information.

Hyperbaric Medicine Today

Journal for scientists, physicians, nurses, technicians, divers, and respiratory therapists working in the field of wound care, diving, and/or hyperbaric medicine.

International Board of Undersea Medicine

Provides education to the diving, hyperbaric, and medical communities. Gives details about IBUM, courses and credentials, course locations, and articles.

Scottish Diving Medicine

Gives the contact details for diving emergencies, discusses decompression illness (DCI) and ways to reduce the risks, treatment and lists the hyperbaric chambers in Scotland.

Scubadocs Diving Medicine

Offers inside information on diving and undersea medicine, assist divers fitness problems and order online book for reference.

What is Diving Medicine?

Gives a description of this specialized area of medical science. Includes hyperbaric medicine, regulatory and training agencies, and research. Written by Dr E. Kay.

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