Fitness Advice and Guides


Features fitness information, news, shop, travel and community.

American Heart Association: Exercise and Fitness

Offers fitness guidelines as well as information about the Choose to Move program.

Athletic Muscle Building

Offers information on the science of muscle growth and how to gain muscle fast. Includes muscle building articles on nutrition and healthy living.

Provides fitness inspirations to help users stay on track. Users share before and after stories, create an inspiration board, and learn more about health & fitness.


Features a line of personal training programs and exercise products.


Evidence-based comparison platform providing fitness, meal, and exercise plans to help users achieve goals. bodyhack


Application to make counting calories easier. This simple program records all food and drink, and even gives a calorie count.

Changing Shape

Provides access to personal trainers online and offers exercise and nutrition tips.

CHLI: Corporate Heatlh & Wellness

Offers fitness workshops, life advisement, nutrition workshops and health and wellbeing programs.

Christian Finn’s Facts about Fitness

Provides articles n fast and easy-to-follow ways to burn fats and build muscle.

Complete Strength Training

Provides advice for body building through strength training and effective exercise routines.

Daily Exercise

Provides a guide to exercise including daily flexibility, strength, and aerobic workouts.

Diet and Fitness

Features online resource for diets, weight loss, low fat recipes, vitamins, nutrition, health, and fitness.

Compilation of articles featuring various topics related to fitness.

Provides weight training tips, exercise techniques and nutrition information to build muscle.

Highlighting online courses dedicated to balancing the body, mind, and soul.

Fit Watch

Personalized food and exercise database, complete with calculators and trackers.

Provides simple, useful, no-nonsense answers to common fitness questions.


Provides real consumer reviews of health and sports supplements. Also offers exercise and nutrition articles, pro muscle picture galleries and resources.

Fitness for Weight

Provides a free guide for users seeking permanent weight loss solutions.

Fitness Online

Provides fitness information and services, including expert advice, how to eat healthy and lose weight, and how to build muscle.

Fitness Partner

Find an activity calorie calculator, information on the fundamentals of fitness, and how to manage weight.

Fitness Zone

Contains articles related to fitness and body workouts. Featured articles highlighted.

Reviews and ratings of popular elliptical trainers. Includes articles and buying guide.

An online community and blog which advocates exercise, fitness, and living a healthy life for all age groups.

Free Workout Routines

Contains exercise programs for bodybuilding, weight loss and sports enhancement.


Free virtual personal training app offering a number of features including the ability to create a custom workout plan and a BMI calculator.

Dedicated in turning lawn care and gardening into fun fitness activities instead of chores, provides fitness plan, gardening tips, and equipment ideas.

Health And Fitness

Advises workout enthusiasts on issues of health care, health and fitness and exercise as well as diet and other needs.

Health and Fitness Centre

Provides information and advice about personal health and fitness through helpful articles.

Health Assesment Tools: Fitness Test

Offers a three-minute test software to assess fitness level and heart rate target zones. healthreviser


Features training nutrition, health fitness tools, and health fitness directory.

Healthy Wage

Helps users build a fitness plan, manage it, and get paid for improvements. Also offers food and drug information, physician and medical center directory, and other resources.

Offers home gym demonstration videos. Includes information on how to execute specific exercises.


Allows users, who use different fitness trackers or apps, to connect to each other, challenge and compete with their friends and monitor their family members' health and well-being. @inkinclub

Source for fitness and exercise provides guides on fitness, health and exercise equipments.

Features a resource on interval training and HIIT, explaining what it is and exactly how it can be used to supercharge fitness and fat loss.

Keys to Living a Healthy Lifestyle

Provides information and guidelines for living a healthy lifestyle including illustrated stretching exercises, healthy eating guidelines, and more.

Lifestyle Guide

Offering information about healthy eating, diets, exercise, workouts, stress relief, detoxing and more.

Mike’s Fitness

Professional personal training presents fitness guide, articles, and personal training hiring.


Provides information to improve fitness and overall health as well as losing weight.

My Pypeline

Offers workout programs for all fitness levels, as well as a workout calendar and free workout videos.

Natural Physiques

Offers tips on fat loss, muscle building, and fitness.

Nutrition Calculators

Information dedicated to providing guide for weight maintenance.

One Hundred Push Ups

Offers a training program to help people reach one hundred push ups in six weeks.

The President's Challenge: Adult Fitness Test

Offers questionairres, online survey, and fact form which helps users determine if they meet the standards for health related fitness.

President's Council on Physical Fitness

Official government site advocating health and fitness.

Real Women's Fitness

A comprehensive guide of everything related to fitness for women.

Providing a lifestyle community and advice on sports, running, health and fitness, diet and nutrition, outdoor activities, travel and entertainment.

Shape Up America

Weight loss guide developed by C. Everett Koop to inform Americans on exercise and proper nutrition.

Free online exercise guide and source for information and motivation on losing weight and staying fit.

Six Pack Abs Exercises

Sells a program which includes advanced abdominal exercises, fat-loss optimized cardiovascular training, and nutritional counseling for people who want six pack abs.


Calorie counter and weight loss goals with a level-up winnable game. Support your goals while also having fun.

Total Fitness Network

Online resource featuring free information for fitness enthusiasts.

Yahoo! Fitness Center

Offers a customizable fitness portal to help keep users healthy. Site recommends fitness activities, and programs and guides to follow.

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